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Oren Zarif has treated difficult and complicated problems for 30 years with brilliant success. People around the world contact him and benefit from his remarkable talents and capabilities regarding any health issue.
In most of the cases Oren Zarif’s method necessitates only one treatment to release closed and blocked areas in the body in order to trigger the healing capability and treatment of the symptoms present in the body.

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Can the Body Overcome any Illness?
When it wants to, our brain can assert maximal control over our bodies. How does this happen? 
We can make the brain control our health using the subconscious.
How does this work, and what do the results look like? All of the details in the following article.

The brain’s abilities are vast, it’s potential is so great that nothing can stop it. Oren Zarif’s treatment is based on the assumption that the brain has the ability to heal and fix any issue, illness, ailment, affliction or injury. As the control center for each cell in our bodies, to the last one, the brain has no limitations. If it wills it, there is nothing it can’t do in the body.

How can our brains control our health?

Many people have the ability to ask for intervention of the brain to fix and heal different injuries and ailments in their bodies, this is also how it works in Professor Joseph Murphy’s method in most cases. Most of the doctors in conventional medicine also agree that this works, and accept it as a proven fact.

Moreover, the brain is able to cause regeneration of organs that have shriveled, broken or been cut off. Regeneration is an animal’s ability to grow back a limb that it has lost. The lower an animal is on the evolution ladder, the stronger it’s regeneration power is. The gecko can grow back a tail that has been cut off. There are types of sea animals that can even grow back an eye that has been injured. This means that the ability exists. Many animals will grow new teeth in place of ones that broke or fell out, over the course of their whole lives, with no limit. Humans also have organs that grow over and over again- hair and nails.

So why doesn’t the brain do all those things? Why doesn’t it heal everything on its own? Why doesn’t it fix or replace damaged organs? Because the brain has its own plans for the body, and for life. We are not deep enough to understand these plans. But the abilities are there, and people with abilities like Oren Zarif can activate them.

When the subconscious reveals the brain’s secrets

Our brains do not give away their secrets easily. For reasons they keep to themselves, they have no willingness to fulfill our requests. This is why I turn to the subconscious. I bypass the conscience that doesn’t want to take part in the self-healing. The subconscious converses continuously with the brain, on a level we are not conscious of, and that is where it gets its name. Using the subconscious, activating the brain’s special abilities becomes more accessible. Using the powers of the subconscious Oren Zarif succeeds in weakening the brain’s access, and making it take part in repairing the damages. Oren Zarif

How does Oren Zarif succeed in helping so many ill and suffering people?

The treatment is performed using 10 tinctures made of metal, which Zarif puts up against the blocked areas of the body. With his abilities and methods he developed over many years, Zarif manages to release blockages, so that the body can create a healing process. The energy stored in the component is released in the direction of the meridians, which coat the blocked area and in addition to heating and activation using the discrete frequencies that were stored in the component they open the blockage. In the preparation process, the component undergoes endothermic conversion and heating by physical boiling and psychokinetic energy transference on specific frequencies by Oren.
During the treatment using the component, an exothermic activation is activated by the patient in the meridians that coat the blocked area. After opening the blockage the component quickly nurses the rest of the blocked energy during the exothermic process in order to prevent a recurrence of the blockage.
Zarif informs each patient that the treatment is not a substitute for conventional medicine and that the results of the treatment are individual to each patient, and therefore it is impossible to commit to a specific outcome.

People seek out Oren Zarif from all over the world since his treatment method is for the most part based on one treatment only!

Media outlets from Israel and abroad have taken interest in Oren Zarif. How can one man with complete control of the subconscious found in all of us succeed where the best doctors and specialists have given up?

How does he do it? Oren Zarif is a phenomenon that no expert has been able to explain. He has treated disabilities, paralysis, strokes, cancer, Parkinson’s, blood vessels, severe heart issues, disc herniation, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, blindness, psoriasis, depression, schizophrenia, fertility issues, kidney function and liver issues and more incurable illnesses.

Oren Zarif’s treatment is comprised of three different stages, while in the center of it all he incited the brain’s ability to fix and heal. He explains, “I stimulate the areas in the brain that can cause regeneration. I activate the repair and fusion center.” Zarif estimates that we are not far from the day in which microbiology and molecular-biology will learn how to perform small “repairs” in the DNA to fix defects in our bodies, or to cure illnesses. He adds that “It seems that we are about a decade or two away from that. So until then, only people like me can do that. Not always entirely, but in many cases, it is preferable over other options.”

Oren Zarif developed special methods over the years using the subconscious to help sick and suffering people every day who haven’t been able to find a cure in conventional medicine. Over the years, he has met up with high level and respected people, including professors, doctors, scientists, politicians, athletes, people of faith, spiritual people and many more famous people.

Many patients from all over the world, rush to receive treatment in Zarif’s clinic, since Zarif’s treatment method, for the most part, only requires one day to open up the blocked areas in the body, after which the patients can return directly to their home country.

Success stories from the field: “I could walk again after being confined to a wheelchair”

In Zarif’s clinic, the sick and suffering crowd in, to a point of almost zero capacity. Among them, you can find professors, doctors, physicians, and scientists that claim that Zarif made the impossible possible.

D, a patient with multiple sclerosis from Romania, tells that before Oren Zarif’s treatment she couldn’t walk, not even one meter, and after the treatment, she began functioning again. Actually, says Oren Zarif, the case was much worse.
“A. arrived in a very severe state, only able to eat or drink through a tube through her stomach. Thanks to the treatment she began to walk, her speech returned, today she can eat and drink on her own and thank God her condition is much better.”

Conventional science can’t explain the phenomenon

Professor Ephraim A. from the chemistry faculty in Tel Aviv University tells that he came with his son who suffered from extreme pain in his leg “No doctor was able to help us but with Oren Zarif within a few minutes, the kid was healthy. I am still shocked. It will probably take many more years until scientists can explain it, if at all. For now, I just want to say thank you to Oren Zarif for healing my son.”

“The lump in my breast disappeared”

Yardena was cured of cancer but remained confined to a wheelchair because of the illness. Yardena came to Oren Zarif’s clinic and after the treatment was able to stand up on her own.
Three years later a lump was discovered in Yardena’s right breast and the doctors immediately recommended surgery to remove it.
“The first person I turned to, of course, was Zarif.” Tells Yardena. “Two weeks after discovering the lump I underwent another treatment from Oren. I waited a little and then went to a private mammography test. To my delight, they did not discover any lumps in the test! I went back to the hospital, asked to have another mammography done and the test showed that the lump had disappeared! The doctor came out and said to me: Yardena, you don’t have anything! I smiled and told her that it was thanks to Oren Zarif. There was so much joy. Since then I have become a huge Oren Zarif fan.”

The leg that was saved by Oren

Hedva had chondrosarcoma, a cancerous tumor in the cartilage cells. After undergoing two difficult and complicated surgeries on her leg, the doctors told her that her only option was amputation.
“I was about to have my leg amputated,” she said. “But I read an article in the newspaper about Oren Zarif and I decided to go to him… I came and he really saved me. I was unbelievable!”
“Today, thanks to Oren’s treatment I feel good. The horrible pains that I suffered from are down at least 85%, if not more. I take a lot less painkillers, there is no comparison! I am very thankful to Oren for saving me.”

A miracle thanks to Zarif – I can now walk on my own!

Esther, guardian of her sister Bat-Sheva, tells with excitement about the change in her sister’s life as a result of the dedicated treatment she got from Oren Zarif. “My sister was bedridden for about a year, and thanks to Oren Zarif’s treatment she can walk again”. When Bat-Sheva was healed, her sister Esther told her doctors at the hospital that the miracle of her sister walking again occurred thanks to Oren Zarif.

Bat-Sheva, it seems, was hurt by a medication she was given that made her bedridden for a year, and only able to move using a wheelchair. “We brought her to Oren Zarif when she was bent over with involuntary movement of her legs.” Her sister tells and adds, “From the moment she was treated by Oren my sister’s condition improved, and today, thank God, she can walk alone and feels much better. We thank God that he brought us Oren Zarif and thank Oren for his warm attitude and the efficient and dedicated treatment.”

Doctors told A. who suffered from an 8-hour stroke and was catheterized following it, that she wouldn’t be able to walk, see and hear. The treatment she received from Oren Zarif changed her life and after six months of paralysis, today she can move her arms and legs. “I thank Oren Zerif for all that he gave me. He brought me back to life!” she tells.

“When the paralysis returned, I immediately knew where to go”

Dr. Yochi has known Oren Zarif for some time and tells us that “A few years ago I got Bell’s palsy, one side of my face was paralyzed. I went to the best doctors in the country and they couldn’t help me. I came to Oren and it passes. A year later I got paralyzed on the other side of my face. This time I didn’t go to the best doctors, I immediately knew where to go. I went to Oren and thank God everything went back to normal.”

In paralysis, half of your face looks frozen and tough. Sometimes the paralysis comes with pain. The symptoms can include difficulty closing your eyes, headaches, loss of your sense of taste at the tip of the tongue, a change in the amount of saliva in the mouth and more.
Bell’s palsy’s symptoms can appear after a while, sometimes even years. Until the nerve goes back to normal, it is possible that people will suffer from symptoms that are caused by nerve paralysis.
Saul from Ashkelon also suffered from Bell’s palsy on half his face and he tells: “The nerves in my face were paralyzed, I came to Oren Zarif and after the treatment, everything got better, thank God. Everything is Okay!”

“It felt like Oren was pumping energy and blood into my body”

G’s husband came to Oren Zarif after seeing an advertisement in the newspaper and today he is thankful for it. His wife, G, tells “I was confined to a wheelchair for a long time and thanks to Oren Zarif’s treatment today I am lighter, I can sit down and get up on my own, after years of not walking. With time I believe that I will see more results, I am sturdy and can hold myself up when in the past I wasn’t even able to lift and straighten my arms.”

Another success story of Oren Zarif focuses on a paralyzed hand that returned to function thanks to Zarif’s treatment and belongs to 81-year-old Maria from Paris. Her right hand was badly hurt and was left almost entirely paralyzed after a fall. After being treated by the best doctors in France, world renown, and after spending a fortune, her husband heard about Oren Zarif and decided to travel to Israel for treatment. “After all the doctors told me there was nothing to do and that my arm would be paralyzed, I came to Oren for treatment. I felt the energy he was pumping into my body, and low and behold- I lifted my arm for the first time in 6 months!” Maria has a message for people skeptical about Zarif’s treatment: “It is important for me to explain to suffering people that there is hope even after conventional medicine gives up. I wish for him to help others as he has helped me.”

Releasing blockages in the brain and curing depression

One of the amazing phenomenons that Oren Zarif treats is depression, anxiety, and mental stress. Oren Zarif is able to overcome, using his treatment methods, some of the most difficult cases of depression.
Tova’s story is inspiring- from a state in which she wanted to cut herself off from people, she went back to being a happy and smiley person and this was after undergoing the subconscious method treatment with Oren Zarif. “I was depressed.” Tova tells, “I got to the point that I didn’t want to talk to people. I had bad thoughts all the time. Thanks to the treatment I have hope that everything will be okay. I feel like a new person. Thank you very much Oren Zarif for everything you’ve done for me.” She concludes.

Depression is a widespread problem. About 5%-10% of the population suffer from the illness, on some level, at any given time. Today it is known that during depression changes occur in the way the brain functions. Using the psychokinetic method that Oren Zarif treats with, it is possible to affect the relevant areas in the brain and open up the blockages, to allow the energetic field to flow in the right way. “Our brain can assert complete control over our body”. says Zarif. “The question is how we make the brain want to. I believe that the secret lies in the subconscious and that is what I try to use in my treatments.”

“There is no doubt that the Lord bestowed amazing powers upon Oren Zarif. I came to him in a very bad mental state, I was living on pills and suffered from obesity. Today I am happy to report that following the treatment the amount of sedatives I use has decreased, and I believe that soon I will be off of them completely.” Thus Tehila describes her success story in her struggle with depression.
Miriam, who suffered a mental break down because of too much stress, also tells about the change that Oren Zarif made in her life. “Every week that passed, my mental stress decreased, my self-confidence increased and my headaches passed completely. I thank Oren Zarif from the bottom of my heart. He is my angel.”

Even the skeptical are cured

Motti, a Doctor of physics from the Sharon, came to Oren’s clinic with skepticism and worn out after trying to treat an ulcer her suffered from for about a decade, an issue that kept getting worse. “I was very skeptical but I decided that I have nothing to lose. For years I needed medications on a regular basis and since the treatment at Oren’s clinic, I almost don’t need them anymore. I want to support Oren, he made a big difference in my life, great work and saved me from years of suffering. What he has done is simply amazing. His method world and is miraculous.”
Many patients became fans of Zarif, which can be seen in the many accumulating thank you letters and the thousands of patients who want to have their pictures taken at the end of the treatment to document their case. This alongside the many articles about Zarif’s successes which were published in media outlets in Israel and all over the world.

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